About Us

Tree Felling Johannesburg

Over 35 years of skilled Tree Felling services in Johannesburg!

Tree Felling Johannesburg was created out of the noticeable need of a company to regulate trees in and around Johannesburg and in 1998 the business was born to serve private and public clients alike.

Our great team of tree felling specialists have been with us for over 10 years and we continue training and providing workshops to future tree fellers in order to uphold a high level of safety awareness standards and reduce chances of any damage to property and risk to people.

Your Only Trusted Source For Tree Felling Services!

Tree Felling Johannesburg offers our loyal customers discounts on retainer fees and annual subscriptions which over a variety of benefits for your property and plants:

  • Tree Felling Projects:- You will get a chance to see us handle any type of project no matter how small or big, our portfolio shows the great work we have put in for our customers in all the projects we have worked on.
  • Custom Tree Felling:- Keep a unique style to your trees and plants with custom tree felling that will match the look and feel that you are looking for.
  • Big Tree Felling Services:- One of the most dangerous services that we offer is handling huge trees which require heavy duty vehicles and equipment, don’t worry we have all machinery so you don’t have to pay for it.

Tree Felling Johannesburg’s works with an awesome team that has truly showcased their loyalty and skills which have been a mark of testimonials for many of our customers.

Don’t hesitate to call Tree Felling Johannesburg whenever you find yourself in a tree pickle, get in touch with our friendly customer care and book a free consultation session today!